We are Building a Mobile Produce Pantry!

As a Feedmore partner, we are building a Mobile Produce Pantry to increase food security of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables within the food deserts of Richmond. Our mobility will allow us to support various existing local food pantries that cannot distribute produce because of lack of infrastructure. To learn more about the project, check out the FAQs section in the Mobile Produce Pantry tab. To learn more about sponsorship levels, please click on the donation button, below, where you will be directed to our fundraising page.




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Mobile Produce Pantry

By creating a mobile produce pantry we are increasing food security within Richmond. We are partnering with Feedmore and Northside Outreach Center to act as a delivery service to assure that nutrient-rich fresh vegetables and fruit are readily available to the food deserts of Richmond.

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We aim to support Richmond public schools by gathering a variety of school supplies from local businesses for redistribution to at the beginning of each school year.

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By building partnerships with local organizations & business, we aim to create engaging networking events, promote multiple missions, forge friendships, and foster goodwill within the RVA nonprofit and private sector communities.


Culture can be described as a set of shared community attitudes, values, goals, and practices among a people.  Our initiatives aim to create educational programs and events that foster the exchange of cultural experiences.





Health & Wellness

By exploring various fitness, medicine, and lifestyle approaches, we aim to find new ways to approach health and personal well-being.

Arts & Music

By engaging with local RVA artists and community organizations, we aim to create immersive cultural arts & music experiences, advocating personal expression.

Communication & Languages

By building on various modes of communication and breaking through language barriers, we aim to develop connections and understanding between communities.

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Traveling outside of the U.S. isn’t always the most cost-effective option for developing new cultural experiences. We aim to develop programs within the Richmond area that create local spaces and events that foster cultural exchange.