We believe true wellbeing comes from: wholesome food, movement, quality sleep, purpose, meaningful connection, and time spent in nature. We take a preventative and holistic lifestyle approach, and prioritize our health (mind, body, and spirit) in this fast-paced, high-wired, digital world we now live in.

This month, we are so excited to introduce you to Shelly Rose, founder of Pure Roots Nutrition, a company dedicated to helping people implement a more joy-filled life through real food, movement, meaningful connection, time spent in nature, and a good night’s sleep. We met Shelly in late 2020 when she volunteered at our distribution at the Northside Outreach Center. Since then, she’s been an active supporter of our organization and sponsored multiple pantry locations this past summer! Her passion for access to nutrition and whole foods is so perfectly aligned with the World U.P. mission, and we are thrilled to have her as a sponsor, partner, and focus of this month’s spotlight!

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: I’m a nutritionist and natural foods chef, founder of Pure Roots Nutrition based here in Richmond, VA.

Q: What’s your mission and the community you serve?

A: The Pure Roots mission is to help people take charge of their health and have the tools to live a vibrant, joy-filled life. We take a holistic approach to health, focusing on wholesome food, movement, quality sleep, purpose, meaningful connection, and time spent in nature. Our community predominantly includes the Central Virginia community but includes individuals nationwide.

“…the tools to live a vibrant, joy-filled life.”

Q: What does community mean to you?

A: We’re all connected. Community to me means we get that and act like it. And we all bring our strengths to the table to make our communities better. For Pure Roots, that’s nutrition education and consulting along with regularly giving a portion of revenue to like-missioned nonprofits we believe in.

A group of women sit around a wooden table sharing food. Shelley wears a white shirt covered by a grey apron and demonstrates cooking with fresh ingredients.

Q: What’s the change you would like to see in Richmond?

A: Goodness. A LOT. I’ll keep it short here and start with the fact that no one should ever be hungry. Everyone should have the right to clean water and fresh, wholesome food that supports their opportunity for a vibrant and healthy life. There isn’t a shortage of food (or food waste). I’d like to see that better dispersed to and accessed by those who need it. Richmond really does a good job here, but there’s still room to be better.

Q: What do you love about Richmond?

A: Almost everything that you need to live a healthy and vibrant life is right here in Richmond! From amazing outdoor spaces, to fantastic health-first restaurants, and a lively community of people who care about each other. I really love that it’s a midsize city with a river running through it. Never gets old.

“….bring our strengths to the table to make our communities better.”

Q: What values did you see in World U.P. that made you want to partner with us?

A: I first volunteered around Christmas last year (2020) and really loved how directly World U.P. addresses a most basic and critical need. I literally handed people fresh vegetables to take home. I appreciate that World UP is so intentional with their efforts to target areas of great need. And I know Pure Roots funds would be supporting work I could never accomplish on my own.

Set against a backdrop of greenery and orange flowers, Two hands holds out a woven bowl filled with herbs and plants.

Q: How can people support your mission?

A: People can help by spreading the word that Pure Roots teaches virtually-led holistic wellness classes to like-minded/missioned businesses, groups, and orgs who want to help their people thrive both at home and in the workplace. When people feel seen, heard, and cared for by their employer, they’re able to show up better at work and in life. Everybody wins.

Q: How can people find more about you/contact you?